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Who is Crystal?

BodyMind coach, life coach, massage therapist
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     Crystal grew up in Utah with a dream to become an actress because it brought her joy to play and laugh and see people happy.  After several years of working on movies and TV shows, she realized that entertainment was only the surface level of her dream and that her true passion is within the power of the body-mind connection. She decided to pursue a career in Massage Therapy, and graduated from the Myotherapy College of Utah in 2010.  She spent the next several years working in Luxury spas, chiropractic clinics, and even aboard a Disney cruise ship, which all gave her a balance of an effective therapeutic massage which is also relaxing. 

     Simultaneously, Crystal began her self-development journey by pursuing many different workshops, seminars, and leadership programs that led her to discover her true purpose in life: to empower others to live their best lives by connecting with their inner wisdom.  That’s when divine intervention brought her to the BodyMind Coaching Program. The completion of this program brought this all together. 


Crystal is passionate about guiding others to understanding their own BodyMind connection and how to tune into their own inner-wisdom when navigating life’s inevitable transitions. She continues seeking self-development in every area of her life by attending seminars and workshops all around the country to deepen her knowledge and share this work with others.

Interested in the 3-day seminar that started it all??

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